Wearable Art - Hand Painted Silk Yardage

Hand painted silk yardage for beautiful garments. Each piece is a unique creation approximately 3.12 yd. by 45 in.

Click on picture for larger view and description of each piece. 

 Olive and Brows Silk Chiffon Net and Fish Silk Chiffon
 Purplish/Burgundy Colors Silk Chiffon Rich Chocolate Brown Silk Chiffon Blue Butterfly Silk Chiffon
 Purple and Red Silk Chiffon  Mauve and Brown Desert Silk Chiffon and Gauze Grayish Black with Squiggles Silk Chiffon
 Fall Colors Silk Chiffon Rose of France Silk Chiffon with Sparkles

The mannequin is not modeling an actual dress but loosely draped fabric to give you an idea of how the material looks and hangs. 

If you would like a small sample of white silk chiffon and/or the gauze, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: 

5212 Carter Street 
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612 USA

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Phone Order: (919) 812-2127
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