A lifecasting is a reproduction taken directly from the human body. It can become the execution of a very skilled technician or a work of art. It is my intention to create beautifully sculpted pieces to be displayed in your home, place of work, or location of your choice. Each lifecasting will be as different as bodies are different from each other. Having a mold made of your own body or someone you love is a unique and interesting experience. I encourage you to collaborate with me in my making a piece of art of yourself, your spouse or your child.

Lifecasting is an ancient art. In Egypt death masks were made for people of importance. Today, with the help of non-allergenic materials, we are able to cast directly onto a living body without danger of damaging the skin or causing a reaction.

The following photos will help you better understand the casting process:

Believe it or not, it is a fun, relaxing process. After the blue paste acquires a “yogurt” consistency it is applied to the face at warm temperature. Jean says it feels like a mud mask. After the paste sets, I apply plaster to support the mould and remove it after it hardens. You can see Jean is smiling after all is done!

Here is a picture of the finished piece:

I made a full face cast of Jean at a later point:
There is no art from more beautiful than the human body. I have been a sculptor for most of my adult life and I am still in awe of the human figure. Lifecasting gives me the opportunity to work with a body and make it a moving piece of art. It also gives you the opportunity to make a three-dimensional record of something time will eventually change. Your Grandmother’s hands, a newborn baby’s feet, father/mother/daughter/son castings, faces, torsos, pregnancies are gifts you can give yourself or a loved one.